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Junkyard Golem by DanielTheDementedOne Junkyard Golem by DanielTheDementedOne
Throughout America there are hundred of junkyards and landfills filled with the castoffs of our country. Sooner of later, considering the intelligence of computers in a world becoming so dependent on technology, those castoffs will not like being castoffs. Then the Junkyard Golems will be born. They are what happens when people become so dependent on technology that they start putting TV screens IN REFRIGERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(not that I have anything against technology but somethings are going just too far)

You may not know it but I draw lots of Golems, I just havent been able to upload them yet for several reasons. (sheer quantity, having to think of a description, laziness). This golem is a bit different than the ones I normaly draw (rock), it has the wires from its parts joining its other parts together. Those same wires can be used to reconect lost parts and/or new parts to the golem. Each Junkyard Golem can use its constituent parts to beyond their fullest extent for both offense and defense. Like all of my golems (to date) it has tremendous strength and can rebuild itself. A Junkyard Golem can rebuild itself from as little as 6 inches of wire.
If I ever get magical powers one of things I would learn to do is to create "Golems" by animating whatever is around whether it is a pile of rocks to a stack of lumber to..... well junk. They would make great backup/distractions since you could animate whatever is on hand, and because it is whats on hand you dont have to worry about bringing much with you.

Listing of parts in Junkyard Golem
----Head and Body----
The head is an old computer, while the boddy is a smashed up car with a clock and handheld game attached to it.
----Right Arm----
The Right Arm (its left not ours) consists of: 1 microwave with a broken umbrella in it, 1 tall lamp, 1 toaster, and 1 rake.
----Left Arm----
Its Left Arm is made of: 2 tires, 1 spotlight, 1 mini-fridge with a tv antenna stuck in it, 1 vacuum cleaner, 1 blender, 1 camcorder, 1 fire extinguisher, and 1 chainsaw(becoming attached)
----Right Leg----
The Right Leg is: 1 ancient boombox, 1 bunny ear tv set, 1 stove, and 1 muffler.
----Left Leg----
Its Left Leg has: 1 airconditioner, 1 stereo, and 1 washing machine.
kingtut98 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a really neat idea- actually sounds much more logical than the traditional clay golem, since machines tend to have moving parts (clay, naturally, does not :XD:).
x-sy Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2006
You all ready know my thoughts, but this has to be your absolute best piece!
Good job, Dan!

MapOfYourHead Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2006
great work!
keep it up:)
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July 15, 2006
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