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Bug Guy: Bee by DanielTheDementedOne Bug Guy: Bee by DanielTheDementedOne
Here we have another bug guy, this time its a bee. He is not as strong as the beetle, but is much faster and can fly, he isnt as durable as the beetle, and has a poisonous stinger that he can launch and two razor blades that he weilds in his hands. He also only does physical attacks. He is sentient like the beetle but not as intelligent, though he is cunning and obsessing. Even more so than the beetle he is not good or evil. His "origin" is pretty much the same as the beetle. Unlike the beetle who is a loner he prefers groups and has on ocassion worked with my other bugs and other groups. He is a bit of a rival to the beetle

To recap:
-Its an anthro bee.
-Has poisonous stinger and little razor blades.
-Is generally weaker in all areas than the beetle except speed.
-He can fly.
-Only has physical attacks.
-He is sentient and neither good or evil.
-I dont know diddly about his origin yet too.
-Name suggestions = good idea.
-Likes groups.
-Rival is the beetle

Like with my other guy feel free to do color/computer versions as long as you email me a copy.
I have one more bug guy to come but he has yet to be scanned onto the computer.
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Submitted on
July 10, 2006
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