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Bug Guy by DanielTheDementedOne Bug Guy by DanielTheDementedOne
As you can see it is a half bug half humaniod character that has razor sharp blades on the end of his arms. The blades are a natural organic metal that grows like bone. I'm a thinking that he has pretty high strength, normal (human) speed, very high durability due to his shell, normal intelligence. He can jump fairly well due to the small wings under his shell, but they arent strong enough or large enough to fly with. He is sentient (self aware) and is neither good or evil. His attacking abilities are just physical no mental or magic type, the same applies for all my other bug guys that I have curently drawn (a bee and an ant). I think he is a type of beetle

I havent decided yet if he is a genetic experiment, alien, naturaly evolved creature(i.e humans not that im getting involved with the whole evolution garden of eden debate), magical/supernatural being (i.e werewolf or made by magic/magic user ect ect).

I would welcome name suggestions.

To recap:
-Its an anthro bug.
-Has organic metal blades that are naturally grown.
-Has normal intelligence, high strength, normal speed,
strong defence, can use wings to augment jump but not fly.
-Only has physical attacks.
-He is sentient and neither good or evil.
-I dont know diddly about his origin yet.
-Name suggestions = good idea.

This is currently the best of of what I have. I got the original idea from a little two inch tall toy. If anybody wants to do a colored version and/or a computerized version of him feel free to do it as long as you send me a copy of image via the computer.
BlackBlueDawg Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty good. He looks like a magical being, but that's just me.

As for names, I'm honestly not sure. Maybe Spike? Or Blade? Those are about the best I can provide...
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July 10, 2006
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